We reuse disposable materials to make daily-use products.


One of the most serious problems of today is garbage and unfortunately we produce more every day. It is time to rethink what we have been doing and start looking for solutions. That is how our venture was born, based on giving a second chance to different discarded materials for their reuse.

Among them, it is the advertising vinyl canvas used both in banners and signage on public roads. Its useful life is of a few days, in the case of events for example, of weeks or months depending on the duration of the campaign on the street, shopping malls, cinemas and other places. After that, it remains as waste thrown away somewhere in the best of cases or it is discarded, without taking into account that the process of biodegradation takes hundreds of years, while producing soil contamination.

Surely, in the company you work for, this issue arises and you do not know what to do, that is why we offer to transform them into everyday products, such as wallets, card holders, notebooks, envelopes, covers, bags, or any other you need. In this way, we promote the circular economy and responsible consumption, with the purpose of generating environmental awareness among users.

In turn, our production is in charge of Cooperatives and Associations that integrate and give vulnerable people opportunities to develop, where we promote fair trade practices, thus also achieving a positive social impact.

We are convinced that if we all contribute with our drop in the ocean, we can make this a better world, more and more sustainable.

We invite you to join our initiative, to find together an alternative for your waste. If you are in the CSR area, please contact us or notify the corresponding person, so that each day there will be more of us who take care of the planet. We count on you.